Answers to some commonly asked questions about the web design process

Yes. We have innovative systems in place that will guide you and help you make educated choices along the way. In every step of the process, we want our clients to feel relaxed and included.

Once your website is paid for and launched you own the site. 

You always have full ownership of the website. While we would hate to have it happen, you are free to switch your website to a third-party at any time. Since your website is designed with WordPress, you can migrate it to just about any web server.

Each design is different, but typically, we have a new websites launched in 4 to 6 weeks. Depending on how proactive you are about content delivery and revisions, this timetable can be longer or shorter.

No. We can start by using temporary content while you’re working on the creation of your content. We’ll also send you an overview of the content in order to make it simpler. This offers you direction on the sort of text and photos that will fit well on your website.

Great question. We will be happy to answer it. Every website is different and our pricing varies based on the requirements of the project. The majority of our web design projects cost less than $10,000. Send us a quick message and we’ll provide you with a free, no-stress quote.